1372 DR Año del Wild Magic

1372 DR in conflicts

Hammer: Marance Talendar, a wizard slain by Thamalon Uskevren over three decades previous, is granted temporary leave from his liege lord in the Iron City of Dis to return to Faerûn and take revenge on his enemies. Over the course of a week, he nearly succeeds in slaying the elder Uskevren and their children, but is thwarted in the end by Shamur.

Alturiak 1: The hopes of many are dashed as Luskan resumes its piracy in full after 5 years of dwindling attacks on merchant shipping. Many independent trade ships are attacked off the coast of Neverwinter.

Tarsakh: Rusk, Huntmaster of a tribe of People of the Black Blood in Arch Wood, brings his pack to Selgaunt seeking revenge for the wounds given him Talbot Uskevren, and in search of answers about the Black Wolf Prophecy.

Mirtul 2: Talontar Blightlords start to raise an army of Blightspawned to destroy the Circle of Leth and crush the Great Dale.

Mirtul 27: Tilverton suffers an attack by the forces of Thultanthar in Mirtul. All that is left of the town is a dark, concave space filled with shadows and flitting regions of deeper darkness.

Chieftain Grguch of Clan Karuck, a rogue chieftain of Obould’s horde attacks both the Moonwood and Mithral Hall’s new eastern wall.

Marpenoth: As autumn falls over the Marches, a spectacular duel between two gigantic but unidentified dragons enthralls many as it rages through the skies across the North.

Uktar 3: Ched Nasad is destroyed.

Uktar 15: Menzoberranzan is beseiged by the forces of Kaanyr Vhok. War of the Spider Queen.

Deaths in 1372 DR

Duneth Wharreil, the Archmage of Maerimydra is destroyed and turned into a Silverwraith by Irae T’sarran.

Innovindil of the Moonwood and her pegasus steed Sunset are both killed in a skirmish with Clan Karuck on the western edge of her home.

Grguch of Clan Karuck, legendary among the Orcs of the north, falls in battle to Bruenor Battlehammer.

Belshazu was slain in the Abyss by the drow wizard Pharaun Mizzrym.

The Bhaalspawn Crisis comes to an end with Abdel Adrian rejecting the Throne of Bhaal and having the Evil God’s essence being destroyed.

1372 DR in deities

On Midwinter night, the god Bane returns to Faerûn, bursting forth from the skin of his son, Iyachtu Xvim. With his divinity restored, Bane quickly gains the portfolio of fear, restoring him to a Greater Power. One of the activities Banites participated in to mark the event was the rebuilding of Castle Kilgrave.

Eleasias 28: Lolth inexplicably falls silent, denying all of her worshipers spells.

1372 DR in environment

The Shadovar melt large portions of the High Ice, causing wide-spread changes to Faerûn’s climate and weather, leaving Western Faerûn beset by drought.

Tarsakh 30: Citizens of Neverwinter begin falling ill from a plague later known as the Wailing Death. Within a few tendays, most inhabitants of the city are dead or dying.

Eleint: Gold is discovered in the mountains near Deadsnows. A gold rush ensues.

Migrations in 1372 DR

Hammer 1: The Netherese city of Thultanthar returns to the world of Faerûn and evil Archwizards begin an invasion of the realms.

Ches: Orcs leave the High Forest en masse, heading east for the Graypeak Mountains.

Eleint: Gold is discovered in the meltwater of the eastern Nether Mountains. Deadsnows becomes a gold rush town.

1372 DR in organizations

Ches: The Church of Tyr builds the Abbey of the Blinding Truth in Westgate as a deliberate snub to the Church of Mask.

The Purple Staves ally with the Nobanionites of Gulthmere Forest when they realise that they have nothing to fear from the group’s settlement of the area. Later in the year, the first two fortified hamlets are completed at the edge of the forest.

The Order of the Jade Blade is founded in Loudwater when adventurers rescue members of Kalahar Twohands’ family from agents of those who wish to kill him.

The Guardians of the Weave are founded by the Waterdhavian wizard Aluvauna Thornym to combat the uptake of the Shadow Weave by magic-users.

The Dungeon of the Hark is cleared by the Red Fellowship, a mercenary army out of Loudwater.

1372 DR in people

Hammer 11: Kern Desanea, son of Tarl and Shal Desanea, the “Heroes of Phlan”, recovers the Warhammer of Tyr. In reward for helping with Kern’s quest, the famed undead paladin Miltiades is returned to life by Tyr.

Flamerule 1: Wulfgar returns to Icewind Dale.

Elminster Aumar clashes with the Shadovar, opening a rift to Avernus in the process. By expending his considerable magical repertoire Elminster closes the rift, only to be taken captive by the ex-Archdevil Nergal.

Shieldmeet: Otar, a young orc chieftain from the High Forest becomes the new Green Regent, much to the outrage of many influential citizens of Loudwater.

Retirement of Vangerdahast, leaving Caladnei as the sage of the Cormyrian court.

The Seraph of Lies infiltrates Thultanthar on a mission from his wicked master. He briefly gains control of the Karsestone, but is eventually foiled by the Harper witch Ruha.13

1372 DR in politics

The Treaty of Garumn’s Gorge is signed, officially recognizing the Kingdom of Many-Arrows. It is the first ever Orc kingdom.

Brisk trade continues between Aglarond and Thay, despite Aglarondan wariness of the Red Wizards.

Horgar Steelshadow V inherits the throne of Gracklstugh.

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1372 DR Año del Wild Magic

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